Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I need to vent...

I never realized how hard it is to not talk about something you need to get out. 

It isn't like I don't have people to talk to, I think I do, I just, need to say it another way.
To be honest, I just want to feel less.... like I do. Whatever that is.

So, second day of school, I walk into one of my classes and I found someone  had taken my seat. Not entirely caring, I just sat across, and later found it to be a girl I hadn't met before. Not knowing her name for the whole first week of school, I merely made small talk, along with everyone else at the table. But then, about halfway through the week, it started getting hard to look at her eyes. I felt I couldn't move. Slowly, it got harder and harder to be calm around her, even though I wasn't being too awkward (I think). I fell for her. Stupid, huh? One week, not even knowing her name. Right when I started to admit this, I learned that she has a boyfriend.

That is how this happy story ends. Thanks, just felt like putting it up here. Needed to get it out.  

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