Sunday, August 25, 2013

Excerpt from my notebook- Part 1

I have been having the most difficult times with ad-blockers on this website. It kept me from being able to post for awhile, but I have that figured out now. 

So, school has resumed... I may have taken on a bit too much, but I expect to at least pass my classes. 
Good luck to everyone else facing school. 

Anyways, I started a new notebook on the first day of school, and I plan on taking small parts of it out and putting up here. In my English class, he gives us about 10 minutes of free time at the beginning of class to text/talk with our friends, so I just write instead. 

Here we are.

The air in the room was warm,
Not an uncomfortable heat,
Just not so cold.
There was no tightness against my skin from the constricting pressures of ice stricken oxygen.
I felt calm. 
It was white,
and not the bleak form of white that artists crave to change,
The kind of white you find against the back of your eyelids,
It wasn't dark there, 
Like usual. 
Just still. 
I could feel the water drip off of my tongue,
Sweet like honey.
But not the viscous, sticky, type. 
The type of honey he found mixed into his sweet tea earlier. 
She was also sweet,
Seated halfway between the door and her seat,
My feet were itching to leave,
to prove a simple point.
To make a stand,
I can't stand here.

There was a time this room wasn't shaking,
That my hand wasn't shaking,
My eyes never shake anymore.
I've settles down in my mind,
This time,
I've found comfort in your silence.

The walls were white,
Only covered in the sweetness of a forgotten smile. 

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