Monday, May 6, 2013

This Time of Year

Between the traveling to Washington DC for the National Poetry Out Loud Competition and the make up work, I have finally found the time to post again. Everyone from Poetry Out Loud was extremely considerate, and inspired me in unimaginable ways. I thank them for that. This half-written poem was inspired by a closer friend though, and I like it so far. 

This Time of Year

At this time of year,
I am cold.
My heart slips between the lines of your pages,
and falls into the abyss of unsent love letters. 

At this time of year,
The Earth pauses in its rotation to give me a moment to think. 
And all I can think of... Is that the sky is blue.
As blue as words on a rainy day,
Or the notes flying off ivory tongues filled with heart ache.
She whispers riddles, 
And I think..... 
What would the world look like through those eyes?

At this time of year,
The wind is harsh, 
Its leaving me battle bruises,
and I'm sore,
From oblivious sentences casting spells of insignificance,
and sometimes.... 
I want those eyes to see through mine.
To  see how hypocritical love is.
Because if love is blind....
And ignorance is bliss,
And ignorance is equal to being blind,
Then love is being ignorant.
 Which is true.
But then being blind is bliss,
and with every missed first kiss I realize how untrue this really is. 

At this time of year...
I can feel my heart slipping,
Slipping from our worlds grasp,
And I start to find it a little bit harder to free climb up its ragged arms.
Because my hands are getting cold in your absence.
I am getting cold in your absence,
My frozen fingers are slipping from a past reality.